Stanford isn't just a stellar institution of higher learning. It's a sterling brand, with amazing alums as ubiquitous as Cardinal sweatshirts. And now harnessing the school's star power is a service called Nerd, which allows you to text a current student, if you'd like to do that.

Why send a text to a certified Stanfordian? Maybe you want help with a college admissions essay. You could have a coding query, or perhaps you'd like feedback on your own app. "Anything that you think may uniquely require or benefit from the help of a Stanford student," is how Nerd phrases its use case.


Of course it's free to text, but services rendered must be negotiated and paid for. After you volunteer your credit card information, Stripe processes payments.

I gave Nerd a quick test run, but service was relatively slow. The squeaky wheel got the grease, however, and I managed to get a reply after a little prodding.


It seems like Nerd could have its uses, but I have to admit, it's a little bit undercut by the disclaimer that "We are not affiliated or endorsed by Stanford University or its affiliates, trustees, officers or employees." So who's behind this exactly? I'd suggest getting some actual proof of enrollment before paying this anonymous person anything. Just saying.

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