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As you might have guessed from the looks of their would-be haul, the thieves didn't get very far. The photo, by the way, is of the recovery.

At 500 pounds of poured concrete, Bar Agricole's patio bar didn't seem to be in need of an insurance policy. But as Eater reports, its heft didn't stop one or probably more enthusiasts of the five-year-old restaurant — until it did. They likely leapt over a 10-foot wall to commandeer the thing at 10th and Folsom— until they probably gave up around 11th.

It's a real head scratcher: with a collection of fine booze as extensive as Bar Agricole's, why not just take some bottles from the top shelf? But Thad Vogler, who owns the bar and founded its spin-off, Trou Normand, last year, didn't indicate anything else was taken. He was part of the recovery effort for the stolen bar, which he says hardly rolls on its casters.

The building's landlords will now be installing security cameras in case anyone is silly enough to try the stunt again.

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