According to some sleuthing by Hoodline, San Francisco could be the latest home of a Minus5° Ice Bar. That chain's gimmick has customers staying warm in fake fur with cold vodka in a giant freezer full of sculpted ice furniture. To quote from a Craigslist post seeking staffers,

Minus5° is the premium ice attraction in the United States with locations in Las Vegas , NYC , Orlando and Cayman Island. Everything inside minus5° is made of ice; the walls, the bar, the seats and the glasses that you drink from. We have our own ice carver who creates the ice sculptures and continuously reinvents the experience throughout the year.

Once you choose your package, you're kitted out with a warm faux fur coat and gloves then transported into a winter wonderland of interactive ice architecture while sipping the coolest cocktails and mocktails from glasses made entirely of ice. An exciting LED light show and upbeat music plays while you take in the pristine surroundings. The temperature is controlled and designed to provide a refreshing experience as you explore 90 tons of sculpted ice and themed ice rooms. Professional photographers are available to capture the memory and we offer a great line of hip merchandise and gear.

Here's a video that captures the good times perhaps to be had here in Union Square at our own Hilton Hotel, where the bar could be freezing over opening up sometime this year.

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