Since we're all very concerned about the trash-pocalypse that occurs weekly, and sometimes daily, at Dolores Park, here's a very important update: Rec & Parks appears to have added a job to the rolls which is a trash pickup guy who goes around while the park party is in session.

Mission Local just made the video above, complete with goofy music, interviewing several park-goers about the trash problem and what they think about it. One guy says what we've all been thinking, "I think everybody's just too drunk to pick up their trash."

But issues concerning the number and location of trash receptacles around the park are raised, and then we're introduced to an anonymous "new guy," hired apparently two weeks ago by Rec & Parks, to roam around on weekends and relocate trash from overflowing receptacles to the huge industrial-sized bin parked along Dolores Street. He does say, "There's a lot of trash, but if we had one more person out here, it'd be better."

And just to recap: This trash problem is not new, despite the laments of certain neighbors who want to tie everything to the evil tech boom. As Uptown Almanac recently, pointedly explained, trash has been piling up in and around the park after sunny days since 2008, if not before. Yes, the volume has increased, and the parties are a bit more crowded — we have had a population boom and half the park remains closed. SFist predicted small battles would ensue between gays, into whose turf everyone would have to invade during this part of the renovation, and entitled hipsters, but instead what we have are Chronicle editorials about the trash left by entitled hipsters. Also, Rec & Parks patrol officers are roaming around citing people for things like smoking in order to remind you that there are, in fact, a few rules. In short: We will all get through this. And when, sometime in 2016, all this awful renovation work is over, maybe there will be a few more trashcans and everyone can be a little better about picking up their shit.

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