The smallest house currently on the market in SF is this guy, as Curbed shows us. It's a ground floor TIC next to the Presidio, on Baker, and for $425,000 — which, yes, is a bargain-basement deal at this point for anything with a roof and walls — you can have a place to rest your head at night, a place to cook your breakfast and (sort of) a place to eat it.

It really is just the two rooms. Kitchen and bedroom. There's a nice looking, newly remodeled bathroom. The appliances are nice. Though tiny, this would still never qualify for Apartment Sadness-level horror, if it were a rental. But given that this is something someone will have a mortgage on, and given that it a) comes with no parking, and b) comes with zero outdoor space, it kinda sucks!

But sure, some people love the tiny house thing. And even though it's a flat... and not as cheap as most tiny houses, those people might love it.


Oh and here's the other side of the kitchen. That would be the "dining room." Photo: MLS

Room 2, the kitchen, and we're done. End of tour. Photo: MLS