In the process of selling his Noe Valley home, which has been written up in the New York Times and was listed at the beginning of last month for $1.895 million, Klout founder Joe Fernandez tells Business Insider he received quite a few intriguing offers. No, these weren't your run-of-the-mill cash suitcase proposals. Instead, they were bids that included stock options in potentially lucrative companies.

"People are doing whatever they can to be creative and sweeten the deal," said Fernandez. "I guess people researched and found out that I was the one who owned the house." Though several of the offers interested him, in the end he was dissuaded by the complicated tax issues involved in the process of selling a home with stock options.

noerealinterior 2.jpg

In fact, that could (perhaps mercifully) prevent such offers from becoming a trend. "It's interesting that their stock came up in offers, but ultimately it becomes a very complicated transaction once you include them," said Fernandez, "so I would be surprised if this became a regular thing."

Though he doesn't disclose which companies the stock options were in, we could probably guess. Says Fernandez: "These were companies whose products I use and love, that everyone expects to IPO." In the end, Fernandez made out okay, selling the home for $2.6 million.

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