Not wanting to get thrown around on the boat that was about to get knocked with a huge wave, surfer Mark Healey — who is also a stunt man — took a flying leap off the deck and into the wave, as you can see in the video above.

As Fox News notes, the video was shot in December at Mavericks, the famed surf break near Half Moon Bay, and recently uploaded to Facebook. Healey explained to Fox and Friends that he was on the fishing boat and "didn't feel like getting smashed around like an ice cube in a shaker," as the wave approached. "So I looked to my friends to the left and right of me and just told them, 'I don't know about you guys, but I'm jumping.'"

He added, "My friends on the jet skis who picked me up were like basically crying laughing at me. I came up pretty much dying laughing, and then I checked to make sure everybody was OK on the boat. There was some damaged equipment - soaked cameras - but everybody was pretty much in good shape."

The Mavericks big wave surfing competition did not happen this year for lack of ideal conditions. Here are photos from the last one, in January 2014.