The fight we first heard about last month between Robin Williams' wife Susan Schneider (who appears to have recently adopted the last name Williams which she had not used previously) and his three children will be going before a judge today. As KRON 4 reports, children Zachary, Zelda, and Cody reportedly took some items out of Williams' Tiburon home that their stepmother wanted for herself, and she's now seeking "guidance" from a probate judge over what her late husband intended in the wording of a trust.

At issue in this petty battle, as we learned in February, are things like figurines, graphic novels, Williams' Oscar for Good Will Hunting, and other entertainment industry memorabilia that is in storage, as well as in the Tiburon home. The trust gave the home to Schneider/Williams, but gave various "jewelry" and "memorabilia" to the children, who now argue that they have a right to take any and all of it regardless of where it was kept. Their stepmother, however, is trying to exclude some expensive watches from the definition of "jewelry," and is trying to suggest that the kids should only get the memorabilia that was kept in a second home in Napa.

There appears to be no love lost between the three kids and Schneider/Williams, and they said in an earlier statement that she was "adding insult to a terrible injury" by taking them to court over this, and that they "are heartbroken that Petitioner, Mr. Williams’ wife of less than three years, has acted against his wishes by challenging the plans he so carefully made for his estate."

Perhaps this will be resolved today, but perhaps not.

In related news, a plan to rename the Waldo Tunnel in Marin after Williams passed the Assembly in a unanimous vote last week, as the Chron reported.

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