It should go without saying, even in hyper-casual San Francisco, that you dress one way to go to Tacolicious and you dress another way to go to Gary Danko. Sure, nobody at Saison is going to say anything if you walk in in jeans and a t-shirt, and people do in fact do this. However, Perbacco chef-partner Staffan Terje is getting tired of seeing guys lumbering into his restaurant "with shirt untucked, baggy pants, and a baseball cap on backwards," because clearly they didn't get the memo that Perbacco is not Tacolicious. And he makes the important point in this little video from Chefs Feed that while SF's restaurants may not be in the habit of enforcing dress codes, it's still sort of inconsiderate of other diners in a fine dining setting when you show up dressed like shit. "You have somebody coming in celebrating a birthday or an anniversary and they look over at another table and a guy looks like he just came from a baseball game."

It has a way of making the whole experience feel a little less special for everyone, you know?

Also, let's not prove this New York Magazine writer's point about the "stubborn un-coolness of San Francisco's style," in which tech dudes only wear dress sweats and Patagonia. Get it together, people. You clearly have the money.