If the story of pretty 29-year-old Denise Huskins' sudden abduction from Mare Island in Vallejo early Monday morning sounded a little too Gone Girl for everyone to believe, that's because probably was. As KRON 4 and others are reporting, the whole ransom demand thing has sounded fishy to police too — it turns out the demand was only for $8,500... what did the boyfriend want a new stereo or something? Vallejo police are saying that all evidence points to this having been an "orchestrated event and not a kidnapping." It should be noted that Huskins was dropped off safely at her mother's house in Huntington Beach.

Per a statement from Vallejo police, Huskins apparently stopped cooperating with them shortly after she surfaced in Southern California on Wednesday. "Vallejo Detectives and the FBI subsequently arranged for a jet to bring her to Northern California for an interview. As of this moment, Detectives have been unable to contact either Ms. Huskins or family members. Ms. Huskins has since retained an attorney and Detectives are unaware of her location."

Huskins' kidnappers apparently sent an anonymous email to the SF Chronicle on Tuesday saying she would be returned safely on Wednesday. Also sent was an audio file that can be heard here in which Huskins can be heard saying, "I'm kidnapped, but otherwise I'm fine." She then gives some details about the Germanwings crash to authenticate the date and describes her first concert to confirm that it is her.

The case is so weird and sounding stupider by the minute. ($8500?!?) And just to reiterate, Vallejo is still whack.

Update: Boyfriend Aaron Quinn gave a press conference today alongside two lawyers who insist that Quinn had no involvement in what may or may not be a faked kidnapping for ransom, as NBC Bay Area reports. They say that the reason Quinn took 11 hours to call police after kidnappers allegedly broke into his and Huskins' Mare Island home Monday morning was that he "was bound up [and] drugged." They also insist that Quinn "had a really good relationship with the woman kidnapped and his concern all this time was that this woman not be killed or hurt." The lawyers seemed to make a big deal about Quinn cooperating with police for 17 hours and being released from custody in "jail clothes."

As the Contra Costa Times adds, his attorneys also insist "there is a "room full of evidence" to suggest this was a real kidnapping.

Meanwhile, Huskins has apparently disappeared after verbally agreeing to take an FBI jet back to Northern California for questioning.