Certainly we here at SFist want to denounce all War on Fun efforts in the cracking down on drinking in Dolores Park — a sunny-day tradition which has been going on steadily, and with increasing popularity and crowds (due partly to half the park being closed for a year), since about 2006. But that doesn't mean that the men and women tasked with the thankless work of policing the park need to be treated badly — the rules are the rules, and however annoying, you've got to expect some stepped up enforcement after the mountains of press surrounding the daily trash piles left behind. Keep your bottles somewhat concealed, especially if you see them walking around, and you'll be fine. Also: Don't set up a goddamn DJ booth in the middle of the gay shelf.

That appears to be what happened in the above video, obtained by KRON4, in which a group of young men decide to talk back to a pair of park patrol officers who are issuing them a citation for setting up a DJ table with a mixing console and probably a laptop or two. What follows is a lengthy argument about the table, with no one wanting to take responsibility for it, and then the assembled crowd begins booing the officers.

As you can hear, it gets pretty belligerent after one officer holds his ground and threatens to write them another citation for smoking, which also isn't permitted in the park. The guys start mouthing off about how their taxes are paying the officers' salaries, and you can hear one of the guys say to his friends, regarding the officer, "Maybe we should pay more [taxes] so they could get dental care."


Here's lesson one for every Dolores Park-goer in how NOT to handle a situation like this. Way to reinforce every over-repeated stereotype about entitled newcomers ruining the city, gents.

Update: It looks like these aren't exactly newcomers, and here is the original Facebook post with the video, in which the poster clearly believed he was in the right, and the park officers needed to be exposed. And there was a subsequent argument in the comments.