Denise Huskins, the 29-year-old woman abducted from outside her home early Monday morning and whose kidnappers then demanded a ransom, has been found safe and alive in Southern California, apparently abandoned by her captors. As Fox 40 reports, Huskins "told family 'they' left her in Huntington Beach."

As ABC 7 reports, Huskins' live-in boyfriend of seven months, Aaron Quinn, was intensely questioned by police but was not considered a suspect. Huskins' white Toyota Camry, in which she was initially abducted, was impounded by police as evidence.

It remains an open question when and how the ransom demand was made, and why Quinn waited until 2 p.m. Monday to report Huskins' kidnapping, since it reportedly occurred in the early morning hours.

Rescue crews had been searching the vicinity of Mare Island, where Huskins and Quinn lived, and Vallejo, over the last 48 hours to find Huskins. The circumstances of her release have so far not been detailed, but we'll update you as we learn more.

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