Winter is officially over today — today is in fact the vernal equinox, and it also happens to coincide with a black supermoon (a super close new moon) and a solar eclipse (that we can't see from North America). But there is, thankfully for all of us, a little more rain in the forecast. Scattered showers are possibly coming on Monday, with a prediction of a tenth of an inch of rain for most of us, and as much as a quarter inch in the North Bay, just to get the grapevines primed for spring.

You may need to keep the thicker coats out of storage since things are also going to be a bit chillier this weekend, with temperatures going down a bit in some spots — though, interestingly, Weather Underground show no such dips in temperatures for SF proper, and it shows Monday as being sunny and clear, but with what looks like a 50 percent chance of rain overnight on Sunday.

And that could be it for the rain until November, though I hope not, given everything. The end of next week is looking nice and summery again, with Thursday and Friday being the warmest sunny days for playing hooky. And then, who knows, maybe April will be magically, torrentially rainy. It's nice to stay positive.

Here's a song to ease you into your vernal equinox, and to go with your cold beverage this evening.