Soon, walls in San Francisco could start fighting back against public urination.

The Chronicle reports that Mohammed Nuru, who heads the city's Department of Public Works, is pursuing a path so far only tried in Hamburg, Germany. There, walls on streets and in alleys in their most beer-soaked district are coated in a special paint from a Florida company that's so water-repellent it projects any stream directed at it right back the way it came.

“We saw this report on the Internet and thought it looked interesting,” Nuru said to the Chronicle. “It’s costing us a lot to send teams out and do cleanup.”

In a city plagued by quality of life issues such as these — in part a problem of access to public restrooms — could a coat of paint in certain places aim San Francisco in the right direction?

Nuru and his department are currently looking for suggestions on where to test the paint, so if you know of a well-soaked area that might benefit, email [email protected].

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