If you were expecting great beauty and architectural innovation to replace beloved dive bar Lucky 13 near Church and Market, you obviously haven't been up on the dominant trend in Upper Market residential development, which is boxy and ugly. Socketsite dug up this elevation drawing, which shows the boxy, 5-story, 31-unit building which will have no parking, but which will have a storage area for 32 bikes.

The preliminary design calls for 29 one-bedroom units and 2 two-bedroom units (perhaps those "penthouses" at the top). And as discussed earlier, the building will span the current parking area and patio next door to the bar.

If the neighborhood is lucky, maybe they'll slap some shoddy siding panels and a few strips of thin aluminum on there like this extremely similar atrocity up the street.

It should be noted that this design, and the condo plan itself, has yet to be approved by Planning, or reviewed by Historic Preservation, which could present an uphill battle given the bar's storied past in the neighborhood — including hosting an election night party for Harvey Milk when it was a bar called Alfie's. Here's the preliminary project assessment from the Planning Department [pdf], if you want further details.

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