Some clever entrepreneurs working a bit outside the law have taken to launching their own social-media-promoted, black-market bars out of their houses and garages. But you'd best be careful if you try this at home that the CBS 5 news team doesn't show up to sample your beverages.

That's what happened with an East Oakland outfit calling themselves Summer Coolers on Instagram. The drinks look fairly ridiculous, in big Mason jars, filled with Day-Glo covered slush and topped with gummy candy, and the CBS 5 team that stopped in said they "tasted them, before pouring them out." And they say they were filled with Ciroc vodka.

Being the spoilsports they are over there, they called Oakland PD, who clearly have better things to be doing, and police busted the place. Homeowner Deirdre Sibley, 49, was apparently charged with a misdemeanor, but her mother told the news team, oh no, there wasn't booze in those drinks. "Our summer coolers are complete fruit candy juice," she says. Ha!

Apparently most of the photos of the drinks were removed after the police raid, but they were all uploaded again on March 10, from the looks of it. The account has almost 6,500 followers.

See some more Instagram examples below.

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These coolers got y'all hot

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