Do you have some excess privilege lying around? Maybe you left some on the Google Bus or just littered it in Dolores Park? Or, would you like to take advantage of the privilege of another person for cold hard cash?

Well, you can't, because that's not how privilege works, but a winning idea from Comedy Hack Day, which occurred at SF Sketchfest and was flagged by the Bold Italic, imagines what would happen if you could.

Cultivated Wit, led by hilarious CEO Baratunde Thurston, puts on Comedy Hack day, wherein contestants have 48 hours to devise and pitch a comedic app idea to some judges. A runner up was an app that can alter the appearance of your battery life on a screenshot, so your friends don't focus on that instead of your hilarious text. The whole event occupies the uncanny valley between HBO's Silicon Valley and our own real one.

This year's winner, WellDeserved, isn't knee-slappingly funny, but more head-noddingly, eye-rollingly so. In particular, I love the reveal of their monetization plan: "Our business plan is that VCs will just give us money. Because this is San Francisco, and we have an idea."

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