While the rumor mills spin regarding who will play Outside Lands 2015, the festival releases its first batch of tickets tomorrow at 10 a.m. Those are the 3-Day Eager Beaver tickets ($285) and 3-Day VIP tickets ($645).

That's right, you're buying in blind, with no idea who you'll see at the Golden Gate Park event. But to some — maybe you — that won't matter, and the festival itself is the draw. That, or you've put your faith in the solid track record of big, impressive acts that always seem to come out to play.

On that note SF Station is reading the tea leaves and auguring that potential headliners could be Bruce Springsteen, Carlos Santana, Green Day, or Elton John. We'll be fact checking that soon enough.

The festival takes place from August 7th to August 9th, with more than 60 performers promised. For those keeping score, in 2013, these same passes were $215, and $225 in 2014.

Get your ticket fix right here, if you so choose.