In a bit of rotten luck and poor judgment, a man visiting the Chinese New Year parade this weekend found himself robbed, handcuffed, and beat up after meeting a woman and taking her to his hotel room. That's romance for you! An item in the Chronicle details the unidentified parade reveler's misfortunes.

He, in his late forties, met a woman in her 30s at the parade, the yearly attraction that wends its way through Chinatown and draws travelers far and wide. According to police, the man invited his new acquaintance back at his hotel room for a drink, and the pair headed toward the corner of Lombard and Franklin streets in the Marina.

But they soon had company, and must have been tailed the whole way. When the couple entered the hotel room, two men in their mid-20s barged in after them.

The man was handcuffed and beaten up — reportedly by all three offenders — and he suffered minor injuries for which he later refused treatment

His belongings, such as cash, a laptop, and a cell phone, were taken. No arrests have yet been made in the case. No word on how he was discovered in the room.