Giants outfielder and overall wild-eyed star Hunter Pence suffered a broken left forearm yesterday from a pitch thrown during a spring training game. As ESPN is reporting, it looks like he'll be out for two months, which means missing the first month of the Giants' season, which starts April 6.

This was only Pence's second game of spring training, and he was hit by a pitch from Chicago Cubs prospect Corey Black. As coach Bruce Bochy said, "He tried to get out of the way, and (the pitch) kind of ran and caught him there. If it is broken, the silver lining is, it's this early in the spring, we'll have a month to start the healing process." The team has not officially confirmed how long Pence might be out of commission.

According to the Examiner, x-rays show Pence has a "non-displaced fracture" in his forearm.

As for who might replace Pence in the outfield for the opening of the season, Bochy mentioned new additions to the Giants, former Royals Norichika Aoki and Justin Maxwell, as well as Gregor Blanco and Juan Perez.

And in other news, the day-with-Hunter piece that former SFist editor Brock Keeling was working on for 7x7 last month will be getting published on next week, he says.

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