Two months after SFist wished it, it has become so: Board President and one time "Amanda Bynes of SF Supes" London Breed has returned to Twitter, years after she deleted her account in an apparent huff. Guess there's something to that vision board stuff after all!

As you might recall, Breed's relationship with the microblogging service has been...fraught, at one point seemingly blaming cyclists for unsafe streets during a dispute on the platform and habitually referring to her critics with the hashtag "#suchahater."

Other tweeted ripostes included remarks to constituents like "you started it," "ohhhh I'm scared," and "if you pay my salary, I want a raise to listen to your bullshit."

In the resulting teapot tempest, Breed deleted her Twitter account in September 2013, telling the SF Bay Guardian that "I realized twitter can be extremely time consuming and it's too hard to have nuanced policy discussions in 140 characters."

Well, it appears that Breed's got more free time these days, as she posted her first tweet since her notorious meltfdown yesterday morning.

And before you ask, yes, it is really Breed, as SF Mag confirmed.

Already, Breed is using the medium to its full advantage, asking an easily Googleable question of her fellow Supe Katy Tang:

Let us help you out, Supe Breed: According to the New York Times, the sheep/goat/ram question is "a matter of opinion," quoting a folklore expert at the Beijing Institute of Culture and History as saying "If English speakers are caught up on whether it is a sheep or a goat, that is their problem."

Ha! Sounds almost like something Breed would have tweeted back in 2013.

Anyway, one can follow Breed's new adventures in tweeting here. We certainly will be!