Cards Against Humanity — the profane person's Apples To Apples — is an already ubiquitous game in the Bay, readily found in dive bars or on back patios. If somehow you've never played, it's pretty simple: a fill-in-the-blank or question card is offered, and players submit a card from their hand to complete it or answer the question. And it's fun. Usually, winning submissions are politically incorrect, insensitive, or totally unintuitive. If you play, you know that the response "Hitler" wins a lot of hands.

Further, there's no shortage of expansion packs and variations out there, since the game gets stale when answers become repetitive. You can even download and print the game, all free and legal. The cheeky company behind Cards Against Humanity even landed some press for selling an actual bullshit version of the game at one point, boxes arriving last Black Friday chock-full of genuine bull feces.

But now, at long last, local gamesman Josh Barrientes wants to give the Bay Area the Cards Against Humanity version it so clearly deserves, as Live105 reports. Here's hoping he's got some good cards in his hand, since it could be super funny if done well. Unfortunately for the project, but really quite naturally, Kickstarter does have some copyright policies and such. Perhaps this one will fly under the radar, or could be seen as parody....which is doubtful, so we'll have to see.

Barrientes' Kickstarter — called Cards Against the Bay — hopes to rack up $1,500, by March 26th, and then the game is on. If you throw in $7 or more, you receive a pack of 25 question cards and 75 response cards. Frankly, I could do with more, so I'll suggest a few. "The line is so long at that new _____ place called ______." might be a good one. Or how about, "That Airbnb sucked, it was full of _______." Last, an "It's like Uber, but for _______" card is pretty much obligatory.


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Cards Against the Bay via Kickstarter