A cyclist who captured an ugly altercation he had with a driver has found an unexpected ally: a local TV broadcaster who's been regularly derided as opposed to cyclists and all that they stand for.

According to YouTube user Agent X85B, he was riding his bike south on Webster Street near Geary Boulevard on February 26 when, as you can see in the video below, the driver of a minivan cut him off, causing "Agent X85B" to strike the minivan with his front tire and his hand.

The driver of the minivan gets out of the car and apologizes, then everyone hugs! Just kidding. The driver is not pleased with the cyclist, no, not at all. Here's the altercation — there's loud profanity, so get those headphones on.

When posted to Reddit over the weekend, commentators on that site argued back on forth on who was in the right, which person was the asshole, etc.

However, there's one man who's willing to use his real, full name to go to the mat for the cyclist and against the driver, and it's not who you might expect: KRON4's Stanley Roberts, a reporter who's been described more than once as "anti-bike."

Not in this case, apparently, as Roberts firmly takes the cyclist's side in the matter, saying that "just because you have your blinker on does not give you the right to change lanes," also noting that the driver failed to follow California's law requiring drivers to give cyclists a three foot "buffer."

"In this case, the cyclist was completely in the right. He maintained his lane, and alerted the driver the best way he could when things went wrong," Roberts says.

Meanwhile, the driver of 4-door white Honda Civic who reportedly ran a red light at Folsom and 14th Streets struck a 66-year-old who was riding a bike, leaving him "with severe head trauma and in life-threatening condition." The cyclist, identified as Charles Vinson, was unable to recover from his injuries and died.

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