As frequently noted, San Francisco plays host to many single men, as it's likely done since the Gold Rush. Recently, you may recall the dating startup offering to fly women from NYC to SF for that express reason. And last month the Atlantic's CityLab ran the numbers to highlight gender disparity among single folks in various parts of the country. Yes, in a surprise twist, San Francisco was awash with single men. Well, now the site Visualizing NYC has turned their gaze westward with another, more detailed map.

They first note that the project — and honestly most of the ones like it — is "fiercely heteronormative," but they just blame the census data for that one. They also add that "single” according that data, just means unmarried. And with that shaker of salt, visualizing NYC went ahead and broke down the data by age range and neighborhood.

It could be seen as instructive, but straight ladies who might see the single man hotzone along Castro Street and start running: Remember those caveats and head over to SoMa, our other bachelor 'hood. Straight men, your presence is requested in the Marina, with many positions also available in Pac Heights. Here's the color gradient system, and the above map is of men and women 20-34.


Over here in fullscreen you can play around with age range and scan the rest of the (more evenly distributed) Bay Area. But for more detailed data points, you'll have to fire up Tinder or Grindr on your phone.

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