Mr. Holmes Bakehouse has garnered long lines the last threes months since San Franciscans can't get enough of their custard-filled 'cruffins,' but it looks like one superfan took it too far. On Friday morning as they were opening up shop, the bakery discovered their entire collection of recipes had been stolen. But the question was, how?

According to The Chronicle, there were no signs of forced entry and all that disappeared from the shop were up to 300 recipes from their binders. After talking to all of the staff, owner Aaron Caddel doesn't think it was an inside job. "We have a surveillance system. It wasn’t turned on, but [the employees] didn’t know that," he said.

Even though no money or equipment was stolen, they filed a police report later on Friday morning. "It's pretty unusual, but we'll be doing everything we'd do in any burglary like this," said Officer Grace Gatpandan, a spokeswoman for the SFPD.

Caddel isn't worried that the loss of the recipes will hurt their business. They have backup files on hand and he added, "Thirty percent of the work is in the recipe, 70 percent in the technique." On Facebook, the bakery had a sense of humor over the whole incident, calling it a "Cruffin Caper" and even warning fans of "counterfeit" goods.

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