Yesterday we briefly noted the discovery of some guinea pigs that were abandoned in Dolores Park, and are now making a go of it on their own, in the urban wild. Now we have more on the story via SFGate, including news of the capture of one guinea pig from what is apparently a "small herd" hiding amongst the bushes along the Church Street end of the park.

Animal Care & Control was dispatched to the park Wednesday to hunt down the critters after they were first spotted by the park's lead gardener, who goes by Michelle. She says this isn't the first time she's seen unwanted pets or animals dropped off in the park, and she's previously had to call in abandoned kittens, rabbits, and chickens.

She says she saw six or seven romping guinea pigs, but for now only one is back in captivity. Animal Care & Control says they'll put the little guy up for adoption after five days of observation, just to make sure he's friendly — and hasn't gone feral?!

They say they'll be back today and tomorrow to go after the rest, which were just a little too quick for them today, and they got called away to another job yesterday afternoon. And Animal Care Officer Pete Flores says you shouldn't be hoping for these guys to multiply in the wild, because they could start burrowing and causing serious destruction to the park.

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