Right after the new year we learned of some development plans for one of the last remaining, "underdeveloped" parking lot sites in the Castro neighborhood, and that the one surrounding the historic Sullivan's Funeral Home at 2254 Market Street. The Sullivan family still owns the building but not the funeral business, and ever since recovering from a big-rig crash into the building and the subsequent fire last May, longtime patriarch Jim Sullivan said he was ready to retire. Plans call for 43 condos or apartments on the site as well as 2 townhouses, with the preservation of the Sullivan's facade, and a 13,500-square-foot retail space. Today Hoodline points us to the first renderings.

The developer, The Prado Group, has not yet crunched all the numbers and decided if this will be a rental property or condos, but we know it will be a mix of one- and two-bedroom units in the range of 550 to 1,800 square feet, and construction completion is about two years out.

And like they said before, to avoid any brouhaha — the Sullivan's building has some historical significance in particular because of its role in the AIDS crisis — they'll be retaining about 75 percent of the structure, in addition to the facade, and putting one two-bedroom unit in the second floor where there's currently a caretaker's apartment.

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