Asian American, hetero porn star Jeremy Long has dreams of becoming a public defender, and as CBS 5's Joe Vasquez reports, he's currently enrolled in his second year of law school UC Berkeley's Boalt School of Law. Most people who do porn, at least historically, tend to try to keep their real lives (and names) out of the media, but Long — who declines to let his real name be used for the story — wants his image out there and like much of the new generation of porn models, he doesn't think there needs to be any stigma around his moonlighting career.

His main porn outlet is the niche site (NSFW, obvi) which specializes in scenes featuring Asian guys having sex with non-Asian females.

Long gave an interview last month to Amped Asia magazine in which he says he took inspiration for his name from basketball star Jeremy Lin, and talked about why he got into porn in the first place.

Lots of things in this industry operate very opportunistically. I just happened to know some people who knew some people which led to this. As far as my motivation though, I would say it really began in an Asian American studies class at UC Berkeley where we learned about the work of professor Darrell Hamamoto who had produced porn sort of as a research project. In those types of classes we would learn all kinds of theories about the emasculation of Asian males in the media and things like that. But this guy-instead of just writing some paper about it, he was actually doing something in the real world. As an academic, he had a lot to risk and lose, and I thought it was ballsy as hell, and I very much admired it and appreciated it as fellow Asian male. And when I was confronted with this opportunity, I just saw this as a chance to represent. And also, I mean I’ve always been a pretty ballsy guy myself and doing porn is definitely the ultimate YOLO.

As for worrying about his parents finding out, Long says he isn't (at least for now). He tells CBS, "Luckily they’re outside any circles of exposure that would lead to that."