The tale of the alleged homophobic attack on Sunday from a Curry Boyzz delivery guy in the Castro may, naturally, have more sides to it. SFist has reached out to the owners of the restaurant, though we have not yet heard back. And the driver involved in the incident responded extensively in the comments in his own defense. We also have an account from the roommate who also received a delivery that night, and a further rebuttal from the original customer himself.

Here we go.

Just to recap: It was Academy Awards Sunday, Castro resident Gary R. and his partner called in a delivery order to Curry Boyzz. His roommate also, without his knowledge, made his own order to the same restaurant sometime later. Two and a half hours after the first order, it arrives. The second order shows up sometime after that, which Gary goes to retrieve for his roommate, who was in the shower. When he asked the driver what was up with the lengthy wait, the driver responded angrily that if he wanted his food quickly he shouldn't have ordered delivery. When Gary questioned that response, perhaps angrily, the driver allegedly responded, multiple times, saying "fuck you" and using the word "faggot."

Shortly after the SFist story went up, there was a response from someone claiming to be the roommate referred to in the story. He says, "How is the resto anti gay b/c an employee (who prob gets yelled at by a bunch of drunk queens all day long) had a bad day and used the 'F' word. I know many that make insensitive comments when they're having a bad day. This post is pretty ridic."

Later in the day, there were multiple comments left by a man claiming to be the driver. He does offer an apology, but he also offers this defense, and a different version of what happened:

I am the delivery driver who was involved in this incident. First and foremost I would just like to say that I am in no way homophobic what so ever nor do I have any hate, dislike, inconsideration or negative emotion at all toward gay people.
This was an incident in which the first order to that residence was late, yes we will admit that this order was late due to the volume of orders that we receive on Sunday evenings. Orders sometimes will fall behind because of the "no-distance limit" AND "no-minimum limit" that we have in place where we deliver to any part of San Francisco unless the order amount falls under a significant number (i.e $9.00 to the Marina is a bit troubling for drivers). So we can admit and do apologize to the customer for that late order.
The 2nd order however, was delivered in a reasonable amount of time. After the first order had been dropped off, I went straight back to Curry Boyzz restaurant and saw that an order for the same address was given along with 6 other orders. I took this order immediately to the residence where I was greeted by a gentleman. He did not say anything at first and I communicated to him the following, " here you go sir. sorry for the delay earlier" he then responded "you guys have the worst delivery that I have ever seen" I had turned around immediately and began to run down the stairs (I had many other deliveries I needed to rush to get them delivered. Many customers have seen me run immediately after giving the order to rush to the next one). As i was turning I told him, "I'm sorry if you don't like our restaurant ...just don't order" .. YES I UNDERSTAND that this was harsh and I know he was upset about the order which was first late but this did not leave any room for him to scream out "fuck you" at least two times. After he said "fuck you" I replied, "fuck you man", "YOU FUCKIN MAGGOT" I did not call him a "FAGGOT". I have worked at this restaurant for almost a year. I GREW UP IN SAN FRANCISCO, BORN HERE TOO. I HAVE NEVER HAD CONFRONTATION WITH ANY GAY, BISEXUAL, TRANSGENDER INDIVIDUAL AT ALL. I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST ANYBODY - NO RACE, GENDER, SEXUALITY, RELIGION, OR BELIEF. I MYSELF, AM A MIDDLE EASTERN CITIZEN and I understand how discrimination, disrespect and hate feel. I WOULD NEVER PUT HATEFUL WORDS TOWARDS SOMEONE, ESPECIALLY AFTER I HAVE RECEIVED SIMILAR COMMENTS
Everyone is free to think, feel and BE themselves. I would never call a customer by that slur. The customer speaks as if I am some nasty, unprofessional, rude, hateful individual. I am university educated with a degree in Accounting and work at this restaurant to make extra money in the evenings. I have no intention of hurting anyone nor did I spit out that word "faggot" I know better, I was raised better and I was educated better than that. Maggot is a word that my friends and I occasionally use when "talkin shit" with each other. It is common amongst my social circle and is NEVER NEVER used in a way associated with gay people WHATSOEVER.
I DO WANT TO APOLOGIZE TO THE CUSTOMER FOR SWEARING AT HIM AND FOR DELIVERING THE FIRST ORDER LATE. IALSO WANT TO APOLOGIZE TO THE INDIVIDUAL WHICH I CALLED A MAGGOT AND SAID "FUCK YOU". This was very unprofessional of me and very wrong. My anger took over the best of me and I lashed out. At that same token I am hustling all over the city in my own vehicle taking over 30 orders in one night. ONE SHIFT OF 5 HOURS WITH 30 ORDERS. This man's attempt to try and disrupt the business of a very hard working GAY MAN is absurd and totally uncalled for. I treat everyone with respect who comes to the restaurant I am always respectful and try my best to get people's food on time, rain or shine.
I am nothing more than a hardworking young man trying to get ahead in this life and being a middle eastern citizen of this country, I TOO face my own kind of discrimination from people and I TOO understand that it is wrong, improper and disgusting. PLEASE PLEASE do not allow this individual to change the perception you have of me (those of you which are regulars and see me often). Also, please do not allow him to hurt the name nor reputation of this establishment which ALSO is ran by another very hardworking individual who I have the utmost respect for as a human being.

And, we reached back out to Gary, the customer who levied the initial accusations, who refutes that the driver used the word "maggot." [Editor's Note: Not sure I buy that one either.]

I read through some of the comments on the article and noticed a few people assumed that I was overtly hostile to the driver.
Let me be perfectly clear that I am always, always incredibly friendly and cordial with everyone in a service position. I worked at Peets Coffee for years as a barista and got a daily dose of the most awful kind of treatment. I've had people cuss at me, try to fight me, all over very petty things like being out of sugar free vanilla syrup. I would never treat someone with that level of disrespect.
I understand that his job must be very stressful, I have a stressful job as well. Working with the general public is shitty and I'm glad I no longer have a customer service job. But stress or not there is never any excuse to call someone a faggot, repeatedly. Especially given the circumstances, where he just lashed out at me for inquiring about the delay. He handled himself really poorly.
Let me be absolutely clear here that he repeatedly called me a "faggot." Multiple times as clear as day. To say that he called me a "maggot" seems like a really desperate attempt to back peddle. This isn't the time to try and walk it back. I'm due an honest apology.

We await anything further from the restaurant. Believe what you will.