Willie Brown, San Francisco's Assembly speaker-turned-mayor-turned-lobbyist-turned-columnist, has been wrong about a lot of things in his column for the San Francisco Chronicle: that Bill Cosby's accusers are liars, that anti-eviction protesters should target a local restaurant that removed deviled eggs from the menu, and that Brown's shoes made Matt Cain a better ballplayer. The Subway shill he was right on the money in this Sunday's column...at least, when it came to his Oscars predictions.

In this week's installment of the former mayor's ethically whiffy Chron column, Brown was, as is his wont, pretty rambly: It's too much of a hassle when Obama comes to SF, traffic to the Bay Bridge is bad, Brian Williams' career is toast.

"And now time for my Academy Award picks," Brown writes. So, how'd he do?

Willie said: "Best actress: Julianne Moore for Still Alice."


Willie said: "Best actor: Eddie Redmayne for The Theory of Everything."

Sure, why not.

Willie said: "Best supporting actress: It should go for Meryl Streep for Into the Woods, but Patricia Arquette from Boyhood will probably get it."

As our pals at LAist note, "She might've been bested for the award, but Meryl Streep was all about Patty's speech."

Willie said: "Best supporting actor: J.K Simmons for Whiplash. No contest."

OK, I'll call my parents! Jeez!

Willie said: "Best picture: Birdman will win, but the best picture was A Most Violent Year — which isn’t even nominated."

So, all of Willie's predictions were accurate, which was a better success rate than most of the folks at the Oscars party I attended!

What do you think, does Willie's infernal power extend to the Academy? Is he just a lucky guesser? Or do Subway sandwiches give you magical predictive powers?

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