Eleven visitors to Fisherman's Wharf hotspot Boudin Bakery were sickened Friday morning, after a person described only as "homeless" discharged some pepper spray inside the restaurant.

The San Francisco Fire Department was called to the Boudin Bakery at 160 Jefferson Street at 10:20 this morning, in what was initially thought to be a "hazmat issue" that had patrons coughing uncontrollably.

According to KCBS, the SFFD evacuated the restaurant, and called in a hazmat team with Combustible Gas Indicator monitors to see if any hazardous substances registered.

The culprit? Pepper spray, wielded by a person thought to be homeless.

Assistant SFFD Chief Bob Postel tells KTVU "A homeless person maliciously came into the bakery and released some pepper spray."

Eleven were treated at the scene, but no one needed hospitalization, thankfully. But it sure sounded frightening! As San Antonio resident and SF tourist Grace Villaneuva told KTVU, "We were just sitting there, eating some lunch, when we began coughing...it was a little scary because my grandkids couldn't catch their breath."

Postel says that now that we know that everyone's OK, the case has been turned over to the San Francisco Police Department.

"The police are getting a description of the person," Postel says, "and will search the area for them.”