Men with the body and beard of Seth Rogen are in particular demand at the moment, it would seem. Rogen, who plays the Apple genius Steve Wozniak alongside the Apple genius Steve Jobs in a forthcoming biopic currently shooting in the Bay Area, is in need of a body double, and there will undoubtedly be many worthy candidates with matching builds and scruff.

According to a casting call on, Beau Bonneau casting would like to have someone for next Tuesday, the 24th.

Seth Rogen Double Needed Tues 2/24 - Must be 5’11”-6’1”, approx 195-205 lbs, 44 Suit, 36-38 Waist with inches of thick/wavy Brown Hair on top & a beard. Must match size range, looks & be avail all day 2/24 or do not submit. SAG-AFTRA Double Rate is $162 for 8hrs plus overtime. Open to Union/Non Union. Note Dbl 1 in subject. See link to actor photo for comparison

While Rogen interprets Wozniak, Michael Fassbender is tasked with playing Jobs. Here's the real-life pair of Jobs and Woz:


And their filmic counterparts:

Just for comparison, here's a shot from the Ashton Kutcher bio-flop that preceded this current attempt:

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