Unvaccinated BART riders commuting to and from the city from Contra Costa County between February 4 and February 6 are at risk of measles exposure as the county's first measles case has been confirmed. As BART just announced, the unnamed case is an employee at LinkedIn, and all LinkedIn staff were informed of their possible exposure on Tuesday.

This person also ate at E&O Kitchen and Bar (314 Sutter Street) on February 4 between 5:30 and 7 p.m., so unvaccinated people who might have been there could also have been exposed. The restaurants staff are all vaccinated, and no one has reported any symptoms.

The BART details, from their announcement:

The person traveled between the Lafayette Station and Montgomery Street Station during the morning and evening commutes from 6 to 8 am and 7 to 9 pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, February 4-6.

Again, measles symptoms can begin one to three weeks after exposure and include high fever, runny nose, coughing, and watery red eyes, as well as a blotchy red rash that develops two to three days after the fever. It is highly contagious, and airborne.

This was the first case of measles in Contra Costa County during this latest multi-state outbreak. There are now 121 people confirmed infected in 17 states, according to the CDC, with 103 of them connected to the Disneyland outbreak that began in December.

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