Ever wondered what Pizza Inferno was still doing open in Lower Pac Heights? Me too! Well, it's on its way out next month as an email today informs us, and in its place will be a new spot called Academy Bar & Kitchen from chef Nick Pallone, who's been exec chef at nearby Florio for the last four years. The plan is for a menu that includes house-made charcuterie, wood-fired pizza, and whole-animal butchery, and he's hoping for an April opening.

With the help of Oakland designers Swell Spaces he's doing a one-month remodel of the space at Fillmore and Sutter, and he launched a Kickstarter campaign this month to raise the last $50,000 for some outstanding needs, like furnishings, and the new wood-fired oven.

Pallone is collaborating with Berlin-based artist Christian Rothenhagen who'll be doing an on-site work for the space, and who's providing some limited edition prints for Kickstarter donors. And Pallone says he wants the restaurant to double as "an ongoing showcase for local, national and international artists."

As for the name, Pallone says, "In a nutshell, our restaurant will emulate the definition of an academy — a place to promote and maintain culinary and artistic standards, where the community can come together to enjoy, share and build on the bountiful culture of the Bay Area." Pizza Inferno is set to close by March 1.

Watch the full preview video below.