Hey, everybody! It's been a rough week, hasn't it? Poor Cookie Dough has left us, The Addition might be screwing ticketholders, a terrible fire in the Mission left a man dead and scores homeless, a freaking suitcase of body parts was found in SoMa, a rolling gun battle between likely baddies pointlessly claimed two lives, a Stanford student allegedly raped a woman in public, and we all engaged in the same endless godamn conversation about tech and gentrification and housing and the changing face of SF.

It's enough to leave even seasoned, worldly folks like you and me feeling a little jaded, isn't it? Sure, we all love the news — I love writing about it, and you presumably like reading about it (otherwise why are you wasting precious minutes of your life here?), but sometimes it can be a bit much, even for the tough cookies we all are.

Maybe that's why, when the SF Zoo posted the below video of their male hippo, Brian Wilson (ha ha remember him??), screwing around with a big ball in his little pond, it felt like a soothing balm on my news-chapped cheeks. Can the world be that bad, with this hippo's simple joy in it? No, it cannot.

Hang in there, everyone. The weekend's almost here.