If you take a look at the above and below photos of the masked bandits who crashed a stolen SUV into the Wells Fargo History Museum, will it help officials track down the suspects? That's unlikely, as the robbers clearly made an effort to fully disguise themselves. But who knows, take a look anyway!

As I am sure you recall, it was 2:27 a.m. Tuesday when three guys drove a Chevy Suburban through the revolving doors of the museum at 420 Montgomery Street.

The men held the museum's security guard at gunpoint, and took off with the museum's display of gold nuggets: about 10 ounces of gold, estimated to be worth about $10,000, San Francisco Police confirmed later that day.

Despite the museum's surveillance cameras (footage from which the stills you see here were pulled), FBI special agent Brian Weber tells KCBS that the law enforcement agency doesn't have much of a description of the robbers.

“The suspects all wore black ski masks and black gloves during this incident and really all we can say at this time is that they are male and approximately 6 feet in height,” he said.

As well-disguised as they were, it's unclear how the men plan on profiting from their crime: as KTVU reports, "the robbers may have difficulty selling the nuggets unless they get melted down," something that won't be easy to do in, say, a conventional oven.

"Dealers of precious metals say they will be on the lookout for nuggets with historical significance that suddenly appear on the market," KTVU reports, but if the thieves manage to get the gold melted, all bets are off, as that will remove markings likely on the nuggets noting when and where they were mined.

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All photos: FBI