A "potentially historic storm" that "could unload 1 to 3 feet of snow" is all our East Coast friends are capable of discussing, but, really, how is this my problem, you are perhaps thinking as your Brooklyn-bound brother blabs about batteries. Well, here's your answer: air travel, even out of the Bay Area, is getting seriously disrupted.

As a result of the blizzard (which has yet to hit, Gothamist Executive Editor Jen Chung confirms to SFist at publication time), 2,620 flights scheduled for today have been canceled, according to FlightAware, a website that tracks airline and airport activity. So far today, 50 flights departing SFO won't, and 24 flights that were expected to arrive at SFO have also been cancelled.

(And, notes Chung, New York's mayor just banned all non-essential cars on roads after 11 p.m., so even if you somehow landed in NY, you're running the risk of remaining stuck at the airport.)

An additional 1,945 flights have been cancelled across the nation for tomorrow, with that number expected to go up later today. 24 of those flights would have left SFO Tuesday, and 45 would have landed there.

The storm is expected to strike cities from Philadelphia through Boston late Monday night. The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning for the 250-mile area, cautioning against blowing snow and whiteout conditions.

For the latest on the storm, keep your eye on our hard working pals at Gothamist, for whom we wish only warmth, power, and safety. Hang in there, everyone!