The huge cache of pricy wine that was stolen from The French Laundry on Christmas Day has mostly been recovered according to a new statement by the Napa County Sheriff's Department. As the Napa Valley Register reports, the wines managed to travel cross-country in the last month, and detectives traced them to Greensboro, North Carolina, where they flew earlier this week to reclaim them. No arrests have yet been made.

It seems that a few of the (ahem, overpriced) bottles of French Burgundy and Napa Cabernet, some on the Laundry's wine list selling for upwards of $10,000, were not recovered, but "most" were. Per the Register, "Sheriff's officials did not disclose exactly how many bottles were recovered and flown back Napa County or how the wine was traced back to North Carolina." The investigation was in cooperation with state and federal authorities, so perhaps the FBI is to thank for this. The total heist, as reported earlier, was worth an estimated $300,000.

This is the first such case in recent memory of stolen wines from a Bay Area restaurant being recovered. As we heard back in December, wine thefts that were kept relatively quiet in recent years have occurred at other high-end restaurants, including a suspiciously similar crime at Redd, just down the street in Yountville from the French Laundry, in December 2013. In that case, thieves stole 10 bottles of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti after the restaurant had just closed for a winter break.

The heist this past December occurred around 2 p.m. on Christmas Day during a small window of time when no one was on premises at the French Laundry, and when the security system guarding the wine cellar was mysteriously turned off. The haul of wines totaled 76 bottles, and included much of the restaurant's entire vertical collection of Romanée-Conti, spanning several decades of vintages, and five bottles of the cult Napa producer Screaming Eagle from the 1990s. (The full list is here.) Wine people the world over were on high alert, and given that bottles this expensive all come with serial numbers, a haul this large seemed unlikely to fly under the radar.

But now, Burgundy lovers who barely wince at dropping five figures on dinner can rest easy that the French Laundry's cellar has been replenished.

The restaurant, meanwhile, remains closed for a kitchen renovation at least through the spring, and is currently operating a pop-up at Silverado Resort & Spa called Ad Lib.

French Laundry Robbed Of $300,000 Worth Of Fine Wine On Christmas Day