Remember those 174-square foot shoeboxes that are going into one of the multiple narrow residential lots along the east side of Octavia Boulevard? Well, the whole stretch is filling out, planning-wise, and now Hoodline brings us updated details about 300 Octavia, just down a block at Fell, which will consist of two five-story buildings with 16 micro-units each, starting at 370 square feet.

The design was a competition winner from Berkeley-based Envelope A+D back in 2007, and has been modified slightly since then. Now the signature design element, as the architects explain, are the cool, adjustable horizontal sun shades (see above) that can either be set to automatically adjust based on sunlight, or be moved individually by the inhabitants. They will also serve as surfaces for built-in projection technology, but it's unclear if that's on the outside of the building, or what.


The units will be on the small side (though not as small as 174 square feet!), and there will be indoor and outdoor common spaces. And there will be some larger units, like on the corners, where there's the possibility of connecting four units vertically, for a four-level apartment.

Construction on this one is still at least a year away from starting.

But, of course, all this activity means that Biergarten and Proxy (also the branchild of Envelope A+D) are not long for this world.

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Courtesy of Envelope A+D