Almost four-year-old vegetarian/vegan restaurant Source, which offered ionized air and color therapy along with many a gluten-free pizza and vegan entree, has called it quits after almost four years on Division Street. One of the owners, Mitchell Fox, blames "labor health laws" for his restaurants demise, but it's possible that the location and business model could be to blame as well.

Eater spoke to Fox who, like the owners of the about-to-shutter Abbot's Cellar, points to the rising cost of doing business in SF as his downfall. "In San Francisco, there are so many laws that are for the employee and against the employer. You're working for everybody but yourself."

Though it's certainly true that it's tough to do business here, Source likely also suffered by not profiting off any alcohol sales (well known as the biggest profit-maker for the whole industry), having a fairly uninviting interior, and by locating in a spot that's lunch-friendly but dinner unfriendly, at the base of Potrero Hill, the edge of SoMa, almost in the Design District but not really.

Instead of alcohol, Source served kombucha and various health "elixirs," as well as organic food and a well regarded, beet-based veggie burger. Also, the staple food of most vegans: French fries.

Eater notes that the owners are working on a Berkeley outpost, which makes perfect sense, called Source Mini.