We already knew from his speech-making in the now infamous Mission Playground soccer field incident that Kai, the college student and Mission native who's preferred not to give his last name in the press, is not afraid to speak his mind on camera. Now BuzzFeed Yellow (not sure why it's called that) has gone on a video walking tour of the Mission discussing "what it's like to get kicked out of your neighborhood."

He talks about how his family has been Ellis Act-evicted from two apartments since 2005, one in the Mission — he grew up upstairs from Shotwell's, and he remembers when it was more of a biker bar and going to sleep to the sound of motorcycle engines — and one in the Richmond.

He points out Farina Pizza, in particular, as a prime example of the recent transformation on Valencia Street, calling it a "luxury restaurant, and right above it, brand new luxury condos."

And at the 3:50 section he returns to Mission Playground, saying, "I think a lot of Americans right now can relate to issues of space, and [the question of] 'whose space is it?' and the fight over who belongs here." He adds that the tech workers that day decided to segregate themselves and play on one half of the field. But, "If those tech workers had taken their nose out of the phone, quite literally, and look into the real world, we would have been playing together."

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