Local chef-entrepreneur Daniel Patterson seems to like having several concepts on the stove at once, with Coi and Alta CA in SF plus the coming-this-year launch of Loco'l with LA's Roy Choi. And that's just here: Over in Oakland, the Daniel Patterson Group has Plum Bar and the subject of this post, Haven.

Patterson isn't known for his satisfaction with the status quo, and so, reports the East Bay Express, his three-year-old Jack London Square outpost Haven has been "closed for renovations" until the 23rd of this month.

Rumors flew that this was bad news for chef Charlie Parker, formerly of Plum (which briefly became a place called Ume which then made way for the expanded Plum Bar, to give you an idea for these shifts). That would have been particularly strange since Patterson brought Parker back to the Bay after the chef ventured south to Los Angeles.

But, correcting the original EBX article, Patterson tweeted:

Anyway, with some menu tweaks and Parker still in the kitchen, we'll have to wait and see what Haven 3.0 — which it doesn't sound like will change its name but anything is possible — is serving next.