As they have every six months since opening, Trick Dog has just overhauled the whole menu along another clever theme, and this time it's Chinese Restaurant. As Alcademics reports, each cocktail's got a Chinese name and a phonetic pronunciation, but people will mostly be ordering the Number Two or the Number Eight, in lieu of names. And yes, each one has a picture, and owners Josh Harris and Scott Baird are planning to put a new sign outside for the duration that will spell out Trick Dog in Chinese characters.

The menu launches today, January 8, and just this week the restaurant celebrated their two-year anniversary, having just made their debut after the new year in 2013.

Previous menus, in case you missed them, including the opening Pantone Color Wheel, a collection of 45s, the zodiac, and the most recent, a tourist map with cocktails named after local attractions.

Nobody's had a chance to taste any of these new concoctions just yet, but I'll just say the the Number 6, with Tanqueray's new Old Tom gin, Alessio vermouth de Torrino, Mandarine Napoleon, almond, jasmine, olive, and chocolate is definitely intriguing me right now.

And also new are a set of Chinese restaurant-style Combo deals, including one where you can get a steak with fries, a glass of red wine, and a shot of Amaro all for $35.

See the full menu, and the newly Chinese-i-fied food menu, here.

Trick Dog - 3010 20th Street at Florida - Open daily 3 p.m. to 2 a.m.