Luna Park, if you haven't noticed, is still open. It wasn't supposed to be, as SFist reported in October.

The Valencia corridor mainstay was one of several restaurants such as Abbot's Cellar to cite minimum wage increases as a reason for closure. But they appear to be changing their tune.

Eater reports that the PumpJack Group's planned takeover of the space isn't going through."The PlumpJack Group decided not to pursue the acquisition of Luna Park, as the deal became too problematic," Hilary Newsom told Eater. Yes, that is Gavin's sister, with whom he parlty owns the restaurant group.

It's nice news for Luna Park, but not really a "rah rah!" turn of events. That's because, though yes they've got bottomless mimosas for literal days, Luna Park isn't doing anyone any huge favors in the kitchen. Correct me if I'm wrong, Luna Park fans. Also note there's a Luna Park in LA, though under different management, if that changes your opinion in any way.

Owner AJ Gilbert said to Uptown Almanac that he wanted out of the biz, and so the deal for another SF PlumpJack operation seemed like a good option.

But will we ever find out what the team had in mind for Valencia? What would the Valencia equivalent of PlumpJack-owned Balboa Cafe or Matrix Fillmore? Well, we might yet find out, as according to Hilary Newsom, "This has no effect on our enthusiasm for the neighborhood, and we continue to look for other projects in the area."

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