Brodes Wayne Joynes of San Francisco was identified as the sole suspect in the stabbing of a transgender woman, Samantha Husley, as police Sergeant Monica Macdonald has told the Examiner.

Allegedly, it was this 54-year-old man who hatefully harassed Hulsey and her partner Rae Raucci on a 49 Muni bus before pursuing the women once they got off and eventually stabbing Hulsey.

Raucci has shared more of her story on Facebook, posting the following:

We were both on the bus together when a man across the way accused us both of defrauding him by pretending to be female. At one point he asked Samantha "do you look female?", for example, and repeatedly called us "faggots". He continued to harass us, and when the bus stopped to get help he pulled out a knife after we got up to leave and followed us out of the bus doors and stabbed Samantha once. She got a second stab wound trying to get between me and the maniac. Ten stitches at the ER... and we're both pretty rattled...

Joynes is being charged on two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of criminal threats, with a hate crime enhancement and an outstanding warrant.

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