Do you look like you just stepped out of a DeLorean time machine from the 1980s? Do you sport big, teased or feathered hair? Do you have availability for 12 to 14 hours at a time?
Then wipe that cocaine off your face and sign up to be an extra in Universal's Steve Jobs biopic.

No, this isn't another Ashton Kutcher hack job. The soon to be shooting in the Bay Area motion picture is the version with the rights to Walter Isaacson's acclaimed Jobs biography. You know the one: it's the vehicle that previously had Christian Bale attached, with Leo DiCaprio rumors before that. The script adaptation is penned by Aaron Sorkin, with Danny Boyle directing. Jobs is to be played by leading man Michael Fassbender, with Wookiee-man Steve Wozniak to be interpreted by funnyman Seth Rogen.

And now, Beau Bonneau's Bay Area casting call for extras is out:

Production’s strongest need is for Men 18-40s with flexible schedules and comb-able length hair and/or men willing to grow their hair, facial hair, sideburns to match 80s-90s time periods. Women should have natural hair colors, no chunky highlights or ultra modern styles. Overall for men and women, curls, waves and volume are a plus. Production will provide haircuts as needed.

Keep in mind this is the '80s, so be ready for some back-in-time tobacco use, says Beau Bonneau: "Shoot location TBD, SF or East Bay. Smoking will be permitted indoors/outdoors as a sign of the times on this day; must be willing to work around smoke. If willing to smoke, please note in submission, tobacco-free alternatives will be provided."

And if you haven't sold your car since the (first) Jobs era, now's the chance to flaunt that fact: "Owners of 1983 or older vehicles in good condition (no show cars)" are wanted.

Universal picked up the rights to the film when the embattled Sony let it go last month. In fact, you can see exactly how that happened thanks to the Sony hacks and reporters who went through a lot of emails.

So, until someone picks up my script for The Lost Boys remake I'm constantly casting in my head, this is as close as we're going to get to recapturing that '80s magic.

See you (and those sideburns) in Cupertino.

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