Remember the sad Noe Valley "mini-studio" from three weeks ago that was going for $1425/month? Well, it gets worse. Over near Duboce Park, as Curbed shows us, you could have nine more square feet for $325 more a month. Included in the price: a rickety, terrible looking bunk bed with a glass desk underneath.

The other bonus amenities this awesome pad boasts: a private entrance, built-in countertop hot plates, utilities and wi-fi included, and a daily reminder of the indignities one must endure to live near transit in glorious, prosperous San Francisco. Also, you will never get laid. Ever.

And again the Craigslist poster went with "mini-studio" in the description, going further to under-sell this glorified storage unit with the words "cozy" and "for one person" thrown in there.

Yes, $1750 is an enviable number for monthly rent in these ridiculous times, but it means that your kitchen looks like this:


But that's probably nicer than the kitchens in some Tenderloin one-bedrooms that are renting for $2700, so that's even sadder.

Also, did I mention, there's no laundry in the building, and the bunk bed has to stay? Yes, even if you don't want to sleep in a twin bed over a glass desk on a structure that looks like it would collapse under the weight of a person older than 7, you're shit out of luck.

The original Craigslist ad has since been removed, likely not due to Curbed's shaming but because the unit got rented.