I don't know what it is with Christmas and fires, but for the second year in a row there was a major house fire on Christmas Day. Thursday morning a fire broke out on the 200 block of Mississippi Street, near Mariposa, and it grew into a three-alarm inferno that damaged two other homes, one significantly. As ABC 7 reports, neighbors reported hearing a "popping sound" as the fire was breaking out.

The cause of the fire remains unknown, and no one was injured since the home's residents were out of town at the time — it's unclear if that was also true for the second home that suffered severe damage. The Chronicle reports that high winds threatened to spread the flames even further, but firefighters were able to avert more damage.

This feels like an echo of last Christmas when a serious house fire broke out at Baker and Fulton. That turned out to be the home of former supervisor Christina Olague, and one man injured in the blaze ended up succumbing to his wounds the next day.

And it seems a lot of people were up early this Christmas and out tweeting pics of the fire, so we have it from a few angles: