In Noe Valley, a resident captured this DropCam footage of a pair of thieves casually swiping a package from a doorway and shoving it in a shopping bag last Thursday. As the uploader notes, "From the looks of it, we weren't the first victims that day." As KTVU first reported, another neighbor claims to have seen the same long-haired man taking off on a bike with a bunch of packages after getting confronted.

The story's been picked up by Consumerist, because of the video evidence, which reports that this package-thieving phenomenon tends to have an uptick during the holiday season.

These two might want to be careful who they piss off. Noe Valley also happens to be the neighborhood where this "bicycle bandit" package thief struck multiple times in 2012 before getting apprehended. In that case, frustrated theft victim Sonya Yu put out a bait package and caught the man on camera, then sprayed him bear spray she'd bought at REI, sending him to the hospital.

In a recent case in D.C., a couple tired of having boxes stolen from their front step decided to start leaving boxes filled with poop for their thief. And in a recent Texas case, a woman was also able to use social media, in that case Facebook, to identify a thief using her own surveillance footage.