Just in time for the holidays, a new homegrown candy shop has opened up at the intersection of Noe and Market in the Castro, and it's called Giddy (2299 Market). Shop proprietor Mary Mueller says the love for candy goes way back in her family, with her mother being a big candy maker. Her sister will be the one providing homemade brittles and sweets for the shop — right now the majority of their stock consists of loose and wrapped candies from outside vendors, with a number coming from local producers.

They also stock specialty candies like some delicious, mega-fruity organic hard candies from Connecticut made by Torie & Howard; Raaka vegan chocolate from Brooklyn; Woodblock Chocolate from Portland; and Marou Chocolate, made by two Frenchman in Vietnam using Vietnamese cacao beans.

As for the name, Mary says it came from a favorite family story involving her sister. "My mother was making candy in the kitchen one day, and my sister was little and she came in and was watching my mother and just said, 'I'm so giddy!' talking about how excited she was for the candy to be done. And my mother just laughed at that. So, it stuck."

So, if you're still in the market for host gifts or stocking stuffers, keep it in mind.



Giddy - 2299-B Market Street at Noe - Now open

Photo: Jay Barmann/SFist